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3 Reasons Why Abstaining Is Essential To Growth

Breaking The Ties That Bind You

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I’ve just completed the second week of my two day per week fast of food and social media.  I’m really enjoying, as well as getting a lot out of this experience,  I’m learning things about myself, such as, how I have been the reason that I have not been able to reach my full potential in so many areas of my life.  I have been congested with things that don’t matter, and I had not prioritized the things that do.

The Fast

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On Mondays and Tuesdays, my brother, Brandon and I abstain from food and social media until no earlier than Wednesday at midnight.  We communicate with, and encourage each other to keep going, as well as share our experiences.  It’s been noticed by us both that we are much more focused, able to think more clearly, and make more informed decisions.  I’m sure that individually, we also get different things from the fast.  However, here are three benefits that I’ve gotten from fasting.

1 – Discipline

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It’s no secret that human beings have to eat to stay alive.  Being hungry is natural, and usually, when a person is hungry, they want to satisfy that need as soon as possible.  To make a conscious decision to NOT EAT takes plenty of strength and discipline.  It’s certainly not that I don’t get hungry during the fast – I certainly DO! And mind you, I still have to live in a world where people are eating and cooking, so I have to see and smell food. (I also have sons who live with me, so I also have to cook…and not eat.)  Being strong enough to constantly consider the greater good can prove to be very difficult. Practicing discipline in any area of life is difficult, but it is a very important trait and it’s the center of every kind of success. The first week was not easy.  I considered throwing in the towel a few times.  Each time that I would think about quitting, I’d ask myself these questions:

Why am I doing this?

Why is this so important to me?

I fast because I want to strengthen my connection with the Universe.  This is important to me because by strengthening that cosmic connection, I am also allowing the Universe to connect with me, and  show me things about myself that I have yet to realize.

I strive to become better and better, to reinvent myself as I see fit, and to be open to all possibilities.  This cannot be accomplished if I am not tuned in to the Source of all things.  The cosmic connections has to be strong.

2 – Concentration

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During the fast, I do a lot of meditating.  In fact, I meditate at every given chance.  Whether for twenty minutes or for three minutes, I stop to concentrate, breathe, and listen for messages from the Universe. (the Universe doesn’t always have something to say, but when it does, I’m listening.) When there are no messages for me to hear, I appreciate meditation for being a chance for me to slow down and concentrate on myself without distraction.

By learning to concentrate better, I truly believe that my theta and alpha waves increase.  I am more aware of what is going on around me and I absorb more information that I might not be able to use at that specific time, but perhaps in the future.  My eyes are more open, and I am more conscious of the beautiful things in life.

With putting more energy into concentration, I’ve eliminated multitasking.  I only perform one task at a time, and I give my undivided attention to whomever I’m conversing with.  If you really think about it, no one is as good at multitasking as they believe themselves to be (nope.  Not even you…)  Pretty much every time anyone multitasks, something or someone does not get the attention that they require.  Performing one task at a time definitely takes longer to do, but the job is done correctly, efficiently, and effectively — which is the goal.

3 – Increased Vibrations

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Fasting social media has been conducive to improving numbers 1,2, and of course, 3.

You’ll never really understand how dependent you are on social media until you completely break from it.  Completely meaning: no scrolling through — but without posting, reacting or commenting or checking something that someone told you about, or substituting one social media venue for another.  I mean, totally acting as though social media does not exist.  I have been able to accomplish this without deactivating, or uninstalling anything.  I’m not knocking anyone who uses those available options.  I made a conscious decision to not use those apps, and I didn’t.  (Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I cannot remember any of my passwords, so if I log out, deactivate, or uninstall those apps, I’ll never be able to get back in. LOL! But, the important thing is that I refrained — on my own, sans technological shortcuts — from social media.)

Social Media is a major distraction.  The majority of the average persons day is spent looking down at a phone or some other media device, watching others, or themselves indulging in jokes, looking at pictures, memes, opinions, videos, and so on.  Many of which are redundant, as they have been repeated and shared several times.

While fasting social media, I made better use of my phone, iPad, and laptop.  I actually put thousands of dollars in media devices to use for bettering myself.  Also, while in absentia, I had more time to connect with the Source and work things out without distraction.  I was able to concentrate on things that matter in the real world and apply more energy to my projects.

The biggest change in myself that I’ve noticed is that I’m not as emotional. I’m perturbed, bothered, annoyed, and irritated substantially less.  We really have no real idea of how much of other peoples bullshit we carry with us.  And, with social media, we sometimes carry the bullshit of people that we don’t know.  There is a large cache of negative energy on social media, and it’s mind numbing.  I actually believe that with every hour spent on social media, humans actually become dumber.  But, this isn’t noticeable until you step away from it.  I’ll admit that every free second that I had was spent on social media — sometimes, multiple devices.  While carrying on in that fashion, I was also tired most of the time, and sleep was hard to come by.

Good Vibes Only!

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Before starting each fast, I always make my social media friends and family aware that I will be away for a couple of days, but if absolutely necessary, (the few who have my phone number) contact me by phone.  I also make it clear that I am only to be contacted with good vibes — no bullshit! (Ironically, no one ever calls… LOL!) During the fast, my vibe is high, I smile more, I’m not uptight, and I’m not bothered by much.  When I break the fast, I use social media less.  I’m not trying to phase use of these mediums out of my life completely,  nonetheless, their presence can be too consuming.  For the most part, it is not helpful to my evolution.  I’m on a mission.  Everything has to be an opportunity to learn something.

Make The Investment

These two day fasts will continue indefinitely.  I might even lengthen it to three days a week.  Thus far, it works for me.  I urge you all to find what works for you and commit to it.  Invest in becoming the ever-changing best versions of yourself!

“Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit.”

~Ezra Taft Benson


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