6 Reasons Why Its Okay To Be Selfish

Putting Yourself First

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The word “selfish” is by and large a derogatory term.  It’s almost always used in a negative sense.  In most cases when a person is called selfish, it’s because they’ve done something that was beneficial to themselves without considering how it would affect others.  Yes, that is selfishness in it’s most negative sense.  When what you do will effect others, it’s best to consider the greater good.  (For instance, I swore to only use my super powers for the good of ALL HUMANITY — not a select few. –Ed.) However, I see nothing wrong with putting yourself first — being a little greedy sometimes, or considering yourself over others (as long as no one gets hurt or grossly neglected).  It’s your life and only you are responsible for your happiness.  We humans are on this planet to be of service to each other, but that doesn’t mean that you should always put yourself aside because people will call you selfish.  DAMN THAT! Be selfish!

Believe it or not, there are good reasons for being selfish.  There are even reasons for being selfish that benefits others.  Dig my list of 6 reasons. (C’mon, read the list! You deserve to spend the time on yourself, and you KNOW you really want to. –Ed.)

6 Reasons For Being Selfish

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1- Have Fun Sometimes!

I’ve known a few people in my lifetime who have always been the “responsible” one. (*raises hand* –Ed.)They’re always the shoulder to lean on, the voice of reason, the designated driver (LOL!) (…the editor. –Ed.)Because they have accepted this role, the people around them rely on this person to deny themselves of a good time — to ensure that everyone else has a good time. DAMN THAT!

You deserve to let your hair down and be irresponsible, wild and free, or to need a chaperone instead of being one.  (How do I sign up for your exciting opportunity? –Ed.) Be selfish and let others look out for you.  Life can be dull if you never do anything to shake it up.

2- You’ll Take A Chance On Yourself

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We all have things that we want to do and places that we want to go.  However, we rarely set goals to make them happen.  Instead, we bucket list them and/or forget them altogether.  The most popular excuse for doing this is because we have responsibilities to tend to — and that’s very true.  It takes money and discipline to even barely make it in this life. And many times, we do have to put ourselves aside to take care of what needs to be taken care of. I understand that.  However, it is necessary to say “eff it” to responsibility sometimes and start accomplishing the things on that bucket list.  The right time to take a chance on yourself will never come to you — you have to take it.  Be selfish and take a chance on yourself.  If I can do it, anyone can!

3- It’ll Get You Out of  Your Rut

Life is full of rules, and following rules suck.  (Nooo, rules are safe and orderly and peaceful and predicta… Oh, never mind. –Ed.)Even though that’s the case, most of us will spend the majority of our lives following rules and being compliant.  Before long, we’re living life on autopilot (how very dull…)

Be selfish! Give a finger to to rules, the status quo, and the expectations of others (as long as no one will get hurt or locked up).  Breaking your normal cycle is sometimes the greatest thing that you can do for your life.  Live by your own terms and be happy.

4- You’ll Think Before You Judge Others

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One thing I can say about doing your own thing is that you won’t question what others do.  In fact, you’ll begin to appreciate the quirkiness of others.  When you hang up your hang ups, your eyes will open up to things that you’ve never noticed, and you’ll see other things differently.  This will help you become more open-minded and tolerant of those who are different from you.

Doing your own thing is very selfish, but it’s also an example of how selfishness can benefit others.  When other humans who, perhaps, lack the confidence needed to be selfish enough to be themselves see you being true to yourself — without regard to the judgements of others — you’ll inspire them to follow suit.

5- You’ll Hold Yourself Accountable

When you truly love yourself, you have no problem with admitting that you’re wrong, because you know that being wrong is an opportunity to learn; and learning can only enhance your life.  When something goes wrong in your life, take ownership of it and fix it.  Don’t give the blame to someone else. (Since when do selfish people give anyone anything?)

6- You’ll Do More For Others

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Being of service to to others is another selfish act that is beneficial to others.  When I’m able to do things for others, be it giving gifts, kind words, or buying lunch for someone who otherwise might not eat at all that day, I feel great! I look for ways to do things for people as much as I can.  It makes me feel amazing!

When you feel good about yourself, or at all, you’re a bigger asset to the planet.  When you cast good vibes into the Universe, good vibes will reach others and encourage them to follow your example.  This is very true.  I know a few people who’s mere presence can very easily change the mood and stamina of a room for the better.  Yep, helping others is selfish.

You Only Get One Shot At This Life.  Be Selfish When You Can.

On this journey, we will take many turns, such as: jobs, bills, family, friends, and rules, to name a few.  While making the many turns that life will have you take, don’t turn yourself away.  You’ll live many lives, but you’ll only live one in the vessel that you’re in now. You don’t know of your position and destiny for the next life, so don’t be afraid to be selfish, or allow anyone to make make you feel ashamed to put yourself first.  Contrary to popular belief, IT IS ABOUT YOU! You cannot serve your community if you are not happy with yourself.

“It’s also selfish because it makes you feel good to help others.  I’ve been helped by acts of kindness from strangers.  That’s why we’re here, after all, to help others.”

~Carol Burnett


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