The Duality of Real Life And Dreams

What’s Real? What Isn’t?

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Ever since I was a young child (maybe about 5 years old), I’ve always wondered: what if this is all a dream? What if none of this is really happening? What if I am really asleep?  I don’t know why I felt that way at such a young age.  Maybe I felt that it was all too good to be true.

Throughout my life, even at this very moment, I often wonder the same as I did as a child:  what if we’re all asleep?  Sometimes, I believe that in reality, I’m still in my little yellow bedroom with blue carpet, with my gold and white princess bed (with Mickey Mouse sheets), my toy chest (which had chalk boards for doors), and my pink and white toy stove — as I stare out of my bedroom window at the backyard and music playing in the living room (probably George Duke or Funkadelic).  There are times when I really believe that I’m going to awaken and find myself in that room.  I’m not sure if I really believe that, or if I just wish that it was true.

Questioning The Questions

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I am not the only person to question whether this is life, or a dream.  Perhaps, I am one of very few to wonder about this at such a young age.  It really is a good question. However, those who could answer it, are no longer with us in the physical form.

As a child, I’m not exactly sure of where I was going with that thought.  As I stated earlier, perhaps I felt that the life I had was too good to be true.  I had everything that I could ask for, and more, as far as material things.  And, I had a very loving foundation.  I was born into a nuclear family with loving parents, a little sister,  grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. And, also, MUSIC! Music was always playing, which was indeed the precursor of my lifelong love of music.

Still,  I can’t imagine that my mind was so sophisticated at such a young age,  How could I even fathom what “too good to be true” even meant? Where would I have heard the phrase?  At that age, I thought all kids had the life that I had, so there were no comparatives that would make my life seem too good to be true. (Meanwhile, the Editor was living the mirror image existence, not far away. –Ed.) So, I’m going to toss that theory out, and give a nod to myself, by making the assessment that I was just a progressive and deep thinking little tike (which would explain a lot about the person that I’ve become). (Fact Check: TRUE –Ed.)

Still Dreaming

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As an adult, that curiosity will usually arise under two sets of circumstances: 1- When things are going terribly, or, 2- when things are going wonderfully.  Both circumstances are understandable.  During difficult times, I hope that I will wake up to find that none of it ever happened.  When things are great, I don’t want to wake up.

One thing that hasn’t changed from when I was a kid, is that I my dreams were always vivid, memorable, and perhaps a bit psychic (maybe that is the reason why my younger self thought as she did).  For most of my adult life, I didn’t take my dreams seriously. That is, until something would go wrong, that maybe would not have, had I taken heed to what my subconscious mind was trying to tell me.  Incidents, such as that, kind of blur the lines between reality and the dream state. Which was real: the “supposed” dream that gave the answers to questions that were never asked or the unfavorable result? Which did I physically experience? There has been times when I could not differentiate from real life or dreams.

The Power of The Subconscious Mind

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In my opinion, our subconscious minds are more powerful than our conscious minds. Our conscious minds are reactive and subject to becoming emotional.  Our subconscious minds will, instead, follow the cosmic design.  Because of that, our subconscious is able to sit back and chill, like the cool cat at the party, that no one recognizes at first.  While in chill mode, it’s able to work things out, and lay things out for us in our in our dreams. When dreams are jumbled and seems to not make any sense (as mine often are), it’s because we are feeding our minds too much at one time.  However, never make the mistake of ignoring them, because you can’t make sense of them.  Remember as much as you can about your dreams, because they all mean something.

“To Live Is To Sleep, To Die Is To Awaken”

~ The Old Indian Dude From “La Bamba”

There’s also a theory that as we live, we are asleep, and we awaken when we leave our physical bodies.  This makes perfect sense in many ways.  Even though the casing that embodies our spirits are no longer, our spirits are more free and more powerful when released into the Universe.  And, we await our next mission — our next life. Actually, the thought of that is beautiful.

The Conflict…

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Getting back to the conflict that my younger self, and my adult self have with life.

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.”

~Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

I don’t know.  Perhaps, if we are always at our best when we are conscious, our subconscious minds will give us what the Universe gives it.  And, the things that our dreams reveal to us will be acted upon.  This will lead us to accomplishing goals, dealing with adversities with a clear and level mind, and making rational, informed decisions.  Or, maybe it’s healthy to think of it as: our dream life is reality, our conscious life is a dream, and death is an awakening, and that they all tie together for the greater good.

We’ve been traveling this planet for eons.  We have more lifetimes in front of us than behind us.  We will always be here — living in a dream world, or perhaps, dreaming in a live world, forever in search of the answer to the question:  Which is real? Or maybe, as our planets orbit and collide, does it even matter?

“Sleep occupies a third of our life. It is the consolation to the woes of our days or the woe of their pleasures; but I have never found that sleep was a rest. After a swoon of a few minutes a new life begins, freed from conditions of time and space, and doubtless like the life which awaits us after death. Who knows whether there does not exist a link between these two existences, and whether it is not possible for the soul now to bind them together?” 

~ Gerard de Nerval, Aurélia


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