Feeling “Meh”…

Take Control And Make The Necessary Changes

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From time to time we all experience the “meh” emotion, also known as “blah” or “eh“.  Basically, that feeling means that you have no feeling about about anything at that time.  You have no ambition, interest, or enthusiasm.  You can neither inspire nor be inspired.  It happens sometimes, and usually, there is no reason to be alarmed, as that feeling usually passes before you even realize.  However, if that feeling starts to linger, that’s not good.  Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and check your environment.  Make yourself aware of what is common about your lingering “meh” attitude. What is usually present during those times?

Check The Patterns

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If your “meh” is not periodic and short lived, there is obviously something around you that’s draining you.  If it is a certain time of day, maybe there is someone in your home, at work, or wherever you usually are at that time of day, whose energy does not mesh well with yours.  If it happens at a certain time of the year, there’s probably an ill memory of someone or something unpleasant that you are holding on to.  And, if it always happens when you’re at a certain place, you simply don’t need to be there.

Take Control!

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Believe it or not, you have at least a little bit of control over those instances.  You have control over the company that you keep, where you go, where you live, what you do, and what you think about.  These are all things that you can help but will likely use the excuse that you “can’t help it“.  Granted, some cases are easier to control than others, for example, if there is a co-worker who is draining you at work, you may not be able to easily avoid contact with that person.  However, you can redefine the parameters of that relationship (ie: Keep work as work, and never take anything that this person says or  does personally.  Keep a comfortable distance from him/her. I’ve had to do it.)  Be tactful, and don’t worry about how they will react.  Your primary concern is protecting your energy.   You cannot perform at your best when you feel depleted.

If it is the job that is wearing you out, find a new job (or at least look for a new job).  Employers pay their employees to give 100% effort for as long as they are on company time.  You cannot give 100% when you are not feeling 100%.  As time passes, your “meh” will increase, and you will give less and less.  Eventually, you’ll find yourself just going through the motions (which is always the beginning of the end, in one way or another).

Make That Change

It’s not unusual for a person to get tired or bored with their current situation.  Some of us really get tired of seeing and doing the same things everyday (and, some people really don’t mind that kind of life).  Knowing that you’ve gone as far as you can go in your present position, it’s no longer feeding you, and you are no longer feeding it, when you lose your passion for your job and the motivation that you need to perform it, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG  WITH THAT!

Check your lifestyle and find the areas that you could cut back on, in case you’ll have to lose a couple of dollars to switch jobs.  If you have to take a small pay cut to save your mental health, it’s worth it to rearrange your life for  little while.  You might even find out that tweaking your lifestyle was necessary.  Whatever you do, don’t make excuses of why you cannot move on — why you have to stay stuck in position. You certainly don’t have to, the choice is yours.

Keep The Past In The Past 

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When the events of the past are making you “meh“, you have to find something else that you enjoy to occupy your time.  As”they” say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.  When you’re not keeping yourself occupied with positive things, old, painful memories and unpleasant thoughts will take up occupancy.  And, if you give them your energy, they will hang around for a very long time.  As I’ve said before, you have control over this.   On the other hand, there are human beings who enjoy wallowing and intruding on others with their seemingly permanent state of”meh“.  If you are not that kind of person, you have to find good things to do and/or think about that are conducive to your well being and evolution.

Environmental Issues

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Being in the wrong environment can most definitely increase your “meh“.  Sometimes, it’s not even the area that you live in, but the space that you live in. Redecorate your home.  Paint, rearrange the furniture, choose a new theme, or buy new artwork.  There are endless scenarios of ways you can change your home.  If that is your environmental woe, you’re lucky.  It’s easy to fix!

On The Other Hand…

Sometimes it really is the area that you live in.  Take it from me, nothing in life is worse than living in a city, town, or state where you know that you don’t belong.  It’s taxing, vexing, stressful — it will epitomize your “meh“– (the ‘meh’ trick system”. LOL –Ed.)  A bad environment will have an adverse effect on everything that you do. Not only are you struggling to be happy, but you’re also struggling to remain collected in a place that is killing your spirit.

So What Should You Do?

If this is your situation, you have to find a new city, town, or state.  Yes, that can be scary (Been there, done that.  About to do it again), but it’s not scarier than the thought of wasting your life in a place that does not give you life.  Separate yourself from the things that will remind you of your current situation.  Change your look, your style, and, if there are people in your life who don’t belong in your life’s new book, rid yourself of them too.  Leave all dead weight and bad memories behind.  Start your new journey off without baggage.

Find a place that offers things that interest you — that make you feel alive! Break out! Go do it! Beat that lingering “meh“!

Beating The “Meh”

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Long periods of disinterest can be quite dangerous, I know this because I dealt with it for years.  During that time, I was negative, unproductive, and I — flat out — did not care about anything.  Little by little, I practiced the techniques that I described in this article.  Of course, reversing that attitude did not happen overnight; it took time.  But, eventually, I beat it.  I still have “meh” moments now and then, but they are the way that they are supposed to be — short and fleeting.  In other words, normal.

If you find yourself in this position for long periods of time and, regardless of what you do, it will not go away — GET HELP! (I did that too.) Admitting that you need help and then seeking it is a way of exercising control over your life.

Check It And Change It

Check your situations, and you’ll find that you, and you alone, can change most of the things that you feel are holding you back or draining you. Don’t make excuses, and don’t give reasons for why you have to stay in your “meh” condition.  Take control of your life.  Only you are responsible for your happiness.

“Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie.”
~ Cookie Monster


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