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Humans VS Humanity

Why Do We Do What We Do? Why are human beings so fickle? We latch onto things while they’re hot, and when they cool off, we act as if said event never happened.  Are we loyal to anything? Or, is our loyalty only as lengthy as the latest trend? Are we really so fickle thatContinue reading “Humans VS Humanity”

Messages From The Universe, Part 2

Stop, Listen, And Pay Attention I got up early this morning and took an impromptu walk.  I really didn’t know why — it was as if I was being lead.  In fact, I know I was being lead.  The Source of All Things apparently needed to converse with me in a different setting.  I couldContinue reading “Messages From The Universe, Part 2”

The Journey of the Human Mind, Part 3: The Finale

Following The Lead of Mind And Soul This is the final installation of my Journey of the Human Mind series. Throughout this series, it’s been my intent to examine mind travel, the use of words, and the use of our time. I hope that this series has inspired you all to pay attention to theContinue reading “The Journey of the Human Mind, Part 3: The Finale”

Energy, Spirit, & Power: The Core of The Human Being

How To Use Your Power Effectively Once again, we’ve made it to another weekend. Happy Friday! As you enjoy your weekend, or, if you’re like me, and you’ll be working through the weekend, keep this in mind: we are all humans, and the core of our being, is energy and spirit. The human body, dies.Continue reading “Energy, Spirit, & Power: The Core of The Human Being”