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Dealing With Forces That Work Against You

Maybe The Devil Didn’t Do It Do you ever notice how, when you are working really hard on something that matters to you, everything that can get in your way, does.  Sometimes, it even seems as though impossible things occur only to become an obstacle in your progress.  For instance,  you’re working hard at startingContinue reading “Dealing With Forces That Work Against You”

Feeling “Meh”…

Take Control And Make The Necessary Changes From time to time we all experience the “meh” emotion, also known as “blah” or “eh“.  Basically, that feeling means that you have no feeling about about anything at that time.  You have no ambition, interest, or enthusiasm.  You can neither inspire nor be inspired.  It happens sometimes,Continue reading “Feeling “Meh”…”

10 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go

Stop Beating That Dead Horse! You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t beat a dead horse“, right? It simply means that beating a dead horse will have no effect on said horse — it will remain dead.  Still, humans spend a great deal of their time mercilessly beating a carcass, perhaps, with the intent of bringing itContinue reading “10 Signs That It’s Time To Let Go”