Says No One EVER! 10 Statements That Have Never Been Spoken

Welcome To The Weekend It’s finally Friday, the gateway to the weekend. We’ve made it through Christmas and the work week (for those of us who worked through the holiday). Lets take a break from all of the frustration and anxiety of the last five days, and perhaps, chuckle a little. Cool? Ten Things ThatContinue reading “Says No One EVER! 10 Statements That Have Never Been Spoken”

Afrologik’s Top 6 Funniest Movies

Laughter Is Therapy The weekend is back! Yay! We’ve made it through another week! As always, I like to make Friday’s blogs light and fun. With that being said, I give you a list of six of my favorite comedies (in no particular order). *Disclaimer: These are not the only movies that I find funny.Continue reading “Afrologik’s Top 6 Funniest Movies”