Living To The Rhythm of Life

Finding A Groove That You Can Dance To

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I was playing around with my youngest son, Chris this evening, and I asked him to help me come up with a topic to  write about.  As we began tossing ideas around, a conversation commenced that went like this:

Chris: What’s going on with you right now?

Me: Work, moving, work-work, condensing my stuff so I can move, move-move, work.  That’s pretty much it.

Chris: Have you written about any of those things? And, how do you say “chair” in Spanish? (Of course, that last question has nothing to do with the subject.  I don’t even know why he needed to know how to say “chair” in Spanish.  That’s just how conversations with Chris usually go.)

Me: Constantly! If you followed Afrologik, you’d know that! But I digress…  And I don’t know how to say “chair” in Spanish.  I know how to say table though. 

Chris: Then what are we supposed to do? How do we solve this?

Me: We are both wordsmiths.  We should be able to put something together.

Chris: What? You want me to put it to a rhythm and a beat? LOL!

Me: Hmmm…



Chris was joking around, but the truth is that this whole life experience is pretty much a bunch of changing rhythms and beats.  We dance to the beat thats playing at any given time, only instead of calling it dancing, we call it living (perhaps because we find it to be a bit ridiculous to consider that we all dance through life.  Personally, I think dancing through life sounds much more fun than simply living life).  Maybe that’s why music provides the soundtrack for our lives.  And, maybe that’s why all sounds can be perceived as music: rain, wind, birds, laughter, or crying.  The flow of the oceans, rivers, and lakes.  The sounds of cars, busses, trucks, and trains in transit — it’s all to a rhythm.  That rhythm is the soundtrack to life.

The time signature — the amount of beats per measure of music, or in this article, life.  Regardless of how unique a beat, or time signature my seem, it’s never new.  It’s nothing that has never been done before.  The difference is the way each individuals plays or move to said beat.  Even if the sounds and movements are recycled, the combinations are what make them your music.  The movements and the beats represents the way that we move through life —  the highs, the lows, or just day to day.  We are always moving to a rhythm, whether we realize it or not.

Life’s rhythm is very real and it should never be interrupted, because it is the natural flow of things.  There is space for errors and mishaps, happiness and sadness, fear and bravado — every emotion can exist peacefully together inside of that rhythm with ease, and even a level of control.  Only when that rhythm is interrupted does chaos occur.  Chaos, being those things that are wildly unexpected — tragedies.  Tragedies only happen outside of the rhythm — it’s never on beat.  In other words, it doesn’t belong.

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The rhythm of life is going to keep moving and grooving whether you’re on the beat or not.  Music will keep playing, birds will keep singing — life will go on.  We all lose the beat sometimes.  Even though the nuances, timing,  and tempo changes, the groove is constant.  We can always find the beat and get back into the groove.

All of this is to say that whatever you are going through right now, whether happy or sad, your situation is probably not unique, and your actions won’t be unique either.  Anything that you will deal with will have been dealt with before by others, so just as they found the beat and got back into the groove, so can you.  It’s up to you to create your own combinations of movements that get you through the nuances, timing, and tempo changes of life.  Your life is your music.  Only you will know how to dance to it.

Life comes in all genres, and you have to know how to move to them all.  Some you will like, other’s you won’t.  However, the only way that you will ever navigate through this life is to find your groove, and keep moving.

“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood in your veins.  Everything has a rhythm.  Do you feel your music?”

~ Michael Jackson



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2 thoughts on “Living To The Rhythm of Life

  1. Love the family pic! Awesome how close you and your son are. Gotta keep our babies near in this day and age.

    I agree wholeheartedly, no matter what rhythm life throws at us, we gotta keep grooving. Never miss a beat

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was a long and winding road to us becoming close again, but I’m grateful everyday that our relationship has been restored.

      And yep! We gotta stay in the groove, always!

      Liked by 1 person

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