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Humans VS Humanity

Why Do We Do What We Do?

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Why are human beings so fickle? We latch onto things while they’re hot, and when they cool off, we act as if said event never happened.  Are we loyal to anything? Or, is our loyalty only as lengthy as the latest trend?

Are we really so fickle that we are willing to exploit the issues of the world, and pimp out our opinions for the price of temporary fame in the form of a few likes and comments?  Don’t get me wrong, I know a few real ones who mean what they say and have pure hearts.  They’re always easy to notice, because they get very little social media attention.

Do we need love and attention so badly that we’ll compromise our morals and beliefs for “what’s cool” right now?  Are we only as “deep” as our audience expects us to be? Do we even know what we’re talking about?

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What do you think about when you have to think yourself to sleep? Do you think about the world and how you will change it? What kind of influence will you have on the people you chance upon on the next day? How will you make someone smile? Or, do you think about what you will post on social media next, and how many of your followers will “like” or “comment“?

What kind of show will you put on?

What kind of lies will you tell?

Who will you pretend to be?

What kind of bullshit pseudo philosophy, draped in false consciousness, fodder will you feed your sheep? What are you even conscious of? How will you politic your phoniness into what you probably believe to be “fame“, love, and friendship, but it’s really notoriety?  If you are that fickle, then you deserve many sleepless nights. If I’m stepping on your toes, then perhaps you need to check yourself.

What happened to us? If we scan back in time, maybe six or seven decades, we’d find that we had awesome teachers.  Maybe we should channel the annals of time and revisit and learn from those teachers.

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Why weren’t their lessons forced into our psyches? Why is it that most of us can recite the Pledge of Allegiance, yet very few of us can recite any more than a small sample of any of Dr. King’s speeches — usually, “I have a dream” or “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty! We are free at last“.

Did our parents drop the ball with us? Were they so concerned with making a living that they didn’t have time to enforce the messages of the masters who were probably  household names in their youth?  And, did we drop the ball with our own kids because we were too consumed with fashion, style, social media, and “fame“? Our parents, at least, tried to instill values and a work ethic in us.  In turn, we taught our kids to depend on the internet for everything and to follow what the powers-that-be says is right.  Because of that, many kids have never read a whole book or know who the Black Panthers were or who Fred Hampton was.  Most of them have never even heard of A. Phillip Randolph.  It’s shameful.  We’ve made our kids weak and fickle. Regardless of their race, they really don’t know who they are, where they came from, or what they’ve been through.  And, they don’t care.

Where is our activism? Does it only last as long as the last soundbite that we’ve heard, or the last YouTube video that we’ve watched?

When you have massive attention on social media, what do you use it for?

Do you give love or lust?

Do you love yourself? If you don’t, you can’t love anyone else.  You have to fill before you can pour.

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Our planet is thoroughly pissed off by the acts of mankind — past and present.  It demonstrates said anger with the weather. Oceans are angry; they’ve got tortured souls in them, and evil have traveled through them.  The sky is angry; it’s witnessed too much.  It’s polluted with more than the toxins that we know about.  Earth will continue to express it’s anger with all four of the elements: Earth, wind, fire, and water.  We’ve all witnessed her wrath. We’ve made scientific excuses for why these things happen, but the truth is that humans are responsible for the anger of the planet. We can’t do anything about the past, but we can correct our behavior now.

If we’d step outside of ourselves, we’d see that we have the power to make changes — to make things better, to fight for the rights of all people, instead of physically fighting each other, or fighting over who is “deepest“.  We could exercise consciousness, intelligence, and strength, and unite to make a difference as a collective.

Will we band together as one for the common good? Or, will we blindly remain steeped in our own ignorance and selfishness?  We have the power, but how we use it is up to us.

“The planet is fine. The people are fucked.” 
~George Carlin

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