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Living Beyond Your Expiration Date

Save Your Own Life

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Have you ever felt as though you’ve been somewhere, or have been doing the same things,  or maybe even with the same people for too long? And, you begin to feel anxious, frustrated, restless, and worst of all, BORED!  You’ve given all that you have and now it feels there’s nothing left  for you.  I’m totally familiar with that.  I call  it “Living Beyond Your Expiration Date“.


We humans are perishable, just like produce and dairy products.  We can no longer exist, or be of any good to anyone or anything when we are beyond our expiration date.  And, like perishable foods, we can become rotten and toxic after that date.

We’re At Our Best When We Are Fresh

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I’d say that this happens to everyone, but I don’t believe it does (at least not the same way).  Most people will feel themselves going into a rut, pull themselves out, and keep going.  A vacation works for that type of person.  They’re able to change their environment for a few days and come back refreshed, and ready to go back to the same old routine.  I’m not knocking those people — especially those who enjoy what they do.  In fact, that kind of commitment and conviction is almost enviable.  But, then there are people like me who don’t fall into ruts, but rather, fall out of favor with situations, positions, and locations — those things have an indefinite expiration date with me.  Eventually, things have to change, sometimes drastically.  For people like me, a vacation could potentially make things worse, as it would only serve as a reminder of how badly I need to make a change.  This could (and most likely would) have an  effect on my mood.

You can’t give your best when you’re past your expiration date, because everything in your path annoys you.  The bottom line is that you’re no longer in a position of growth and light, so you can’t give any.  You’ve become stagnant.  You can’t live like that.

Take Inventory

Obviously, you are aware of what is making you unhappy, now you have to find what makes you happy.  Make a list, make several if necessary.  Write down everything that would make you feel more fulfilled — regardless of how fantastic you think it may be.  Also, write what you are capable of doing now, that will afford you the changes that you require.  Set a date, go to work, and cement your plan.

It’s Not That Easy…

This isn’t easy to do, but most things that are worthwhile are not easy.  In fact, when things become not only hard, but ridiculous (not to be confused with ridiculously hard), that’s a sign that you are on the right track (crazy how that works out…). Besides, so what if it’s difficult? At least this is a difficult task that will find you in a better place.  How easy is it to stay in that rut? That’s extremely hard; I know this from experience.  Many of days, I’ve tried to figure out a way to live comfortably without income (you think of stupid things when you’re beyond your expiration date, apparently).

Live Like You Only Have One Life To LiveSee the source image

When something expires, it’s dead.  It’s no longer any good.  It smells and it has to be thrown out — this could be YOU! The good news is that unlike perishable foods, we can revive ourselves.  As long as we are alive, we can rebuild, or reinvent ourselves as many times as we’d like to.  It’s impractical, and your friends and family will think you’re crazy for bouncing all over the place and always doing something different.  Would you rather have them calling you crazy, or have yourself actually going crazy by living outside of your design?  Crazy isn’t always a bad thing.  Crazy people are never bored, and they don’t get into ruts.

Uncomfortable situations are easier to navigate through when you can see an end to them.  Start making plans to save your own life.  Your dream is your escape.  That light at the end of the tunnel will brighten the path that will lead you out of your rut.

“Happiness Is Waiting For You”

~El DeBarge


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