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The One Who Loves You The Most

It’s Complicated…

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You always know the one who loves you the most.  The problem is that’s never the one that you want to love you.  You might pass by this person everyday or stop to make small talk — careful not to say too much because you don’t want to give false hopes.  Even during short conversations, there are awkward moments.  You  either look up, or look down as you try to find a good way to end the conversation without acknowledging the awkwardness.  Without pride or arrogance (or perhaps with both), you know how they feel about you, and even though you appreciate that adoration and attention, you are a soul and you wouldn’t want to drain another soul. You don’t want to be a tease, but you enjoy being pursued, even if only mildly.

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You know who loves you the most, and that person knows that you know, and they also know that they are not the one that you want to love you.  This doesn’t make them feel inadequate. In fact, they feel bad for you.  They see that you are too closed minded and foolish to see that the person that you leave waiting in the wings would do anything for you — encourage and support you, and love you through your bullshit. And, with all of that being the case, they can’t gather the strength and courage to say, “I love you the most,” because they fear losing the small space that they occupy on your planet. They’ll always think highly of you even though they know that, possibly, they can never have you.  Without feeling inadequate, they settle for any position in your life, just to be in your life.

You always know who loves you the most, but rarely is it ever the one that you want to love you.  You’ve built a standard that you refuse to deviate from (so have I), and neither you, nor I, am wrong for that.  It’s your life and you have to be happy.  Only you can know how to make that happen.  Only you can know what it would take for you to be happy enough to hang around.  Hell, only you can know if hanging around is even your bag.  You definitely don’t want to cause anyone any pain, because even though you can’t reciprocate their feelings, you know that they are the one who loves you the most.

Because that person loves you the most does not mean that love will overpower everything. Even the sweetest person in the world can be annoying or have bad habits.  Maybe you’re not attracted to this person — and it’s not shallow to feel that way.  That person may not feed you intellectually or spiritually, or maybe they’re trying too hard.  Love and adoration is not always enough.  You’re the only person who knows what stimulates you, and what will keep you stimulated.  You know what you’re looking for, so stick to your standard.  Wait on “The One“, your “God/Goddess“.  You’ll know when they are there, you’ll feel their energy before they walk into the room.  You’ll feel it when you cross their mind, even if only for a few seconds.  You’ll naturally vibrate towards them, and there are times when you’ll vibrate towards each other in unison.  That is the person that you love the most…but, you might not be the person that they love the most.  Funny how the roles reversed.  On some other planet, you are that person who loves you the most, to someone else.

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Meanwhile, the person who loves you the most is daydreaming about you, writing songs and poems about you, imagining what it feels like to be one with you.  Everything reminds them of you.  They can smell you when you cross their mind.  They cherish you, and what you think means everything to them.  They share some of the events of their life with you — some, not all — they don’t want to scare you away by being too needy, but they want you to know that they need you in their life — only as a friend, of course.

The one who loves you the most is not stupid.  Even though they will always love you the most, their world will not stop spinning just because you are not in it in the capacity that they would like you to be.  They will accept that you’re not “The One” (because you don’t want to be), but you are the prototype.  Perhaps, unbeknownst to themselves, they’ll look for you in everyone that they meet.  You know how that feels, because you’re doing the same things for the one that you love the most, although you are unclear of how they feel about you.

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Life has many cycles, and this is one of them.  Humans are complicated and sophisticated.  We have tastes, preferences, and types.  We hope to find all of the traits that we desire in one person, but we have to accept that they are not perfect. There will be times when they will annoy the hell out of you, do stupid things, make foolish mistakes, talk through a movie or TV show that has your attention.  There’ll even be days when their attitudes and behaviors will make them unattractive (temporarily).  This is where love kicks in.  With all of their flaws, they’re still perfect for you.  Albeit rare, it happens.  Every once in a while, the person who loves you the most, is the person that you love the most…even if only for a little while.

If you are the one who loves you the most, you’ll vibrate towards the one that you want to love you — and they will.  It might take some time, so you’ll have to be patient.  Manifest it, but live your life.  The world keeps moving, so you don’t have to stand still to wait.


“Love is not complicated. It just ‘is’. The complicated part is finding two souls who are feeling it at the same time in their lives… and for each other. Feeling it so deep that they’re willing to fight every second of the day to keep it alive. That’s the complicated part.” 
Alfa H, Abandoned Breaths


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