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Accepting Your Choices

Your Results Are Based On Your Choices

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I spoke with a very dear friend earlier, who was in a very dark place.  He was saying and doing irrational things.  The bottomline was that he wanted out — of this life.  Since I’ve been in that situation several times in my 43 years, I completely understood how things can get to the point where it seems as though checking out, is the only way out.  Things are never really that bad, but it’s hard to see that when you’re going through it.

Check Your Choices

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While speaking to my friend, I asked him repeatedly what was wrong.  What was so terrible that he can’t see a way out of it, alive? Why does he want to end it all? What has happened? For the most part, those questions went unanswered.  After a while of me rewording and asking the same questions, he said: “Because this is all too hard.  I don’t like the direction that my life is going.  I don’t like the plate that I got.”

Again, I can completely relate, as I have been in that position, and felt the same way that he does about it.  But, always, without fail, I’d reassess the situation and ask myself some important questions, like: What did I do to contribute to this situation? What could I have done differently?  After answering those questions, I’d follow up with more: Can I fix it? If not, did I do everything that I could do to make things right?

Every life situation, good or bad, is the result of the choices that we make.  At one time or another, we will all make bad decisions — that’s just the way life goes.  But, when things go south, we have to be strong, mature, and grown-up enough to hold ourselves accountable for our choices.  No one ever has trouble admitting to, or receiving accolades for making good choices. We also have to be receptive of the responses that we get for bad choices.  You can’t just bask in success, and then bail when you fail.

Human beings are intelligent and sophisticated creatures.  More than not, we are aware of when we are doing something that is not quite right — yet, we sometimes do them anyway.  Many of us make informed decisions to do the wrong things.  But, when you know better, you have no excuse.  You have to “man” or “woman” up, take your lumps, and hopefully, learn from said incident, to make better choices in the future.

Choose Something Else

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If you don’t like the direction that your life is going, choose another direction.  Take time to find out what makes you happy, and what you’ll have to do to accomplish that happiness.  If you don’t like what’s on your plate, that’s fine.  Humans change their tastes often.  Just remember that you are responsible for what’s on your plate — you put it there.  When your taste evolves, empty that plate, wash it, and then fill it with things that will give you life.  Things that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit, and make you strong enough to endure the results of your decisions, and achieve your goals.

Giving Up Is A PUNKS Way Out!

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Giving up is admission of not being strong enough to fight an ever changing world.  Nothing, including your problems, will stay the same.  Have the balls to deal with the choices that YOU make.  Your situation will change several times (sometimes for the good, sometimes, not) before it’s all said and done. Everything is temporary, except for death.  So, don’t make a permanent decision for a temporary situation.  It may be a hard climb to “better“, but it’s worth it.  I’m telling you what I know from my own experiences — not just what I think.

It Gets Greater Later!

But you have to stick around long enough to find that out.

“Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life. Be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal.”

~Nathan Chen

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