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Your Actions Will Define Your Character

Being True To Yourself And Others

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We all live in a world where ideals are divided, perhaps more than ever.  There are religious people, conscious or spiritual people, affluent and successful people, intelligent people, conservative people, liberal people, material people, funny people, angry people, gay people, straight people, people who talk about everything, people who talk about everybody, people who talk about absolutely nothing, and then, there are people who simply don’t care about anything.  Each category judging the others, as if only one group has the “answers“.

I get it. We are diverse as a people, and in actuality, that’s a beautiful thing. When used correctly, diversity is an instrument that can be used to learn more about each other, understand each other, and at the very least, tolerate each other.  If we were to ever get that part down to a science, the world would be a much better place.  However, there is always one thing that stands in the way…


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Everyone seems to have convinced themselves that they are right, and anyone who disagrees is wrong.  And, as a result, our planet is filled with humans who are constantly bumping heads for the sake of ego, instead of working together for the sake of the greater good. That’s pretty sick.


No Good Deed Goes Unadvertised

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Nowadays, because it is so easy to reach thousands of people at one time, no good deed ever goes untold (by those who do “good deeds“).  There is no humility, but instead, a mass of people saying, “Hey! Look at me! I just did something for someone in need!“.  Personally, I have to question whether the so called “good deed” was done for the person (or people) who was in need, for the “philanthropist” who performed said deed, or if it even happened.

Bragging about what you do for others is nothing less than exploitation.  Do for others because it is in your soul to do so, and because you care.  When those are your reasons for being charitable and concerned, you’ll have no need to use those situations to brag about how wonderful and caring you are.  Be humble and the Source will be generous.  Be braggadicious, and you’ll give your deed a black eye.  Regardless of how many “likes“, “loves” and comments you get, the Brandi Badd Ass’s of the world will see through you (and there are more of us than you might believe).

Successful, Or Just Insecure?

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And then, there are the so called “successful” people who, instead of encouraging, advising, and mentoring others, would rather rub what they call “success” in the faces of those who may not have reached their goals (yet), or perhaps, don’t know how to start.  And, if a person has made a mistake, or 10, or 50, these supposedly successful people will drag them through the mud.  Who are they trying to impress? I’d say that they are trying to impress themselves.  In short, they’re insecure.  

Anything can look good on social media, or even on paper — so, it’s really unknown how much merit anyone has.  In present times, we are all on a stage, and what do people do on stages? PERFORM! (Editor Note: The show must go on ~ Freddie Mercury, Queen)

To those who have not yet made it, or have made mistakes, whether sparingly or often, and feel as though they are being belittled by those who have supposedly “made it“, I’ll say this: Nary a successful person has made it without making a mistake, or 10, or THOUSANDS (some of which were self inflicted).  The truth is that there is no success without failure — so don’t feel bad about that.  What matters is that you learn from those failures, self inflicted or not, and you keep going and growing.

It takes a narrow-minded, weak, insecure person to look down on those who are trying — regardless of how many times they have — to start over.  We are a human family.  We are here to be of service to one another and lift each other up, not kick each other down.  To all of my brothers and sisters who are trying, I’m trying with you.  I’m failing with you.  I’m starting over with you.  I’m staying in the game with you.  And, I’m winning with you. (Editor Note: And, I’M rewriting until the ink runs dry, and then dipping the quill again, with you.)  Stay strong in the heart, soul, and mind.  The Universe has got us, and we will be alright.  As far as those have an exaggerated sense of importance because of achievements that may or may not be real, they’re simply not that important.  Period.

Spirituality &  Consciousness, Does Not Have An “On/Off” Switch

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There’s a misconception that conscious people have to be serious or angry all of the time, or that we don’t curse, and that we go through life as consummate monks — and that’s bull shit! We laugh, joke around, curse, and we get angry and go through all of the same emotions that everyone else does. However, we are aware of who we are, and we know our limits.  There are things that we don’t do (perhaps, anymore).  The truly conscious will not judge those who do things that are reminiscent of our former selves, but rather, lead by example — without being high and mighty about it (as I said before, we have fun).  We’re not perfect, nor do we pretend to be.

HOWEVER, there are those who straddle the hell out of the fence.  I’ve seen and heard human beings go from Mahatma Ghandi to Luther Campbell (Uncle Luke) inside of the same hour.  I leads me to think, “Dude! I’m cool with who you are — whomever you are, but, who the hell are you?”  How can I take that kind of person seriously? Once again, I’m not saying that conscious or spiritual people have to be pure of mind, 100% of the time — that’s unrealistic, we’re merely mortal beings.  Many conscious people are artists.  Artists express themselves in whichever way they feel will best articulate their message.  But, conversationally, or even on social media, you have to have a handle on your raunchy to righteous ratio.

Be who you are, and love who you be.  Currently, consciousness, spirituality, or being “woke” has become a trend, and that gives the lifestyle a black eye. So many people are attaching themselves to a culture that they don’t fully understand.  You are not required to choose a trend to follow, and theres nothing wrong with liking two things that are in contrast with each other.  But, before you label yourself, make sure that the real product is underneath that label — not a knock off.

**This goes for Christian people too.  You can’t praise God in one post, and then curse someone out in the next.  It’s just ugly.

Be The Light

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It makes me sad and mad when I hear and/or see the types of things that I’ve mentioned.  It’s disheartening because we will never evolve as a people if we are too concerned with “me” to give a damn about “we“.  Yes, there are powers that are designed to divide us, because dividing us is profitable for those powers.  But, we are man/womankind.  Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated beings who have control over ourselves.  We, as individuals, are in charge of our actions, how we treat one another, and how we feel about ourselves.  We, as individuals, choose our own words, and how we use them towards each other.  We are stronger than the powers that rally against us, but those forces are attractive, and they cater to our weaknesses.  Even though we know this, we still allow it.  The aftereffect is a planet full of people who live in competition with each other.  So, there’s little room for support and encouragement, except for the few who take the time to be a positive influence on the masses, whether they willing to receive that influence or not.

I have a picture on one of my vision boards that says “Be The Light“.  Whenever I feel myself slipping into darkness (yeah, like that song by WAR. LOL!), or having bad feelings about someone or something, I look at that picture.  I’ve memorized it, so even when I’m not near my vision board, I can refer to that picture. It reminds me that I have the power to shine light on any situation.  That light can help, heal, encourage, and support.  It only gives life.  It doesn’t brag, it’s never too proud, it never competes — it’s love.  We all have that light.  We’ve just got to get over ourselves.

No Worries.  I’m Cool.Image result for ego afro painting

This is probably coming off as an angry rant, and that is not my intent.  Sometimes, I pick up my pen, and it seems to write on its own.  Maybe, it’s because I’m left handed, and the heart is on the left side.  And, as I begin to write, my heart sends vibes to my hand, and my hand writes whats in my heart.

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.


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