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How To Become Less Whack!

De-Whackifying Oneself

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My brother, Brandon, and I were chatting the other day, about how we really are not comfortable with giving advice to others. We both agreed that there are a lot of pros and cons attached to advising people, such as: sometimes, even good advice can be misinterpreted, and also, humans tend to become upset when they don’t hear what they want to hear.  Then why ask? Because, some people only ask advice in hopes that someone will support them in their BS — and thats BS!

As Brandon and I continued to chat, I told him that Afrologik has kind of morphed into an advice blog, or so it seems at times, and I don’t mind that — BUT…. that was never its core purpose.  The core purpose of Afrologik has always been to help humans become less “whack” and to embrace themselves — oddities and all — and to live freely. With this blog, my main objective is to remind, and/or tell my readers that they don’t have to be confined by the expectations of others, but rather, love themselves enough to be themselves.  The Universe cannot guide you if it doesn’t recognize you.

I receive lots of emails and instant messages from readers, expressing appreciation for my insight, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I’m also open to sharing my thoughts on whatever subject is in question at the time.  However, I always give this disclaimer before giving my take on the subject:

I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE ADVICE.  I’m on this journey with you, and, on this trip, I make mistakes and bad judgements as much as anyone else does. I am only and expert in being Brandi Badd Ass. However, I am happy to share my opinions when asked, as long as it is understood that, in the end, you have to make up your own mind.”

*I feel that it is necessary to say this, because I would never want to lead someone into the wrong direction (although I’d never purposely do that).

Making up your own mind, based on who you are, what you want, and guidance from the Source, is a great introduction to making yourself less whack.  By doing that, you are forcing yourself to make your own decisions, independent of the influence of others (when that influence isn’t necessary).  (There are times when outside influences are necessary.  You’ll know when that is.)

Here are a few things that you can do to De- Whacktify yourself.

 – Learn To Love The MirrorImage result for afro mirror

Your mirror reflection can definitely have an effect on the way you feel about yourself. When you look in a mirror, look past the physical reflection of yourself and more deeply into your spirit.  YES! You can see your spirit in the mirror.  Can you stand in the mirror and stare for any length of time without making adjustments to yourself? Look at your posture.  Look into your own eyes.  Can you smile at yourself? Are you happy with yourself? All of those things are components of your spirit. Those traits are what other people feel when they are in your presence.  That is your vibe! If any of those things need checking — then check them! Do a self assessment, and find out what areas of your life you can improve upon (we all have room for improvement). Then, devise a plan to strengthen your weaker areas. (EDITOR NOTE:  Or get an editor or PR rep to “fix” them.  Just kidding.  Put in the work!) As you begin to feel better about yourself, your spirit will grow, and others will notice.  Work on yourself from the inside first. The physical flaws that we see in the mirror are the easiest to fix, yet we are more consumed with those imperfections that have perhaps caused us to be mildly intimidated by mirrors  — and that’s WHACK! Work on your aura, energy, and spirit.  It’s the most beautiful part of you!

Care More, But Care LessImage result for afro painting shrug

We should all be conscious of the people that we are, and the vibes that we give.  This can be done by treating others fairly, always being the best people that we can be, and giving our best efforts to every task. (We can also add keeping a big smile on our faces.  It works for me!) Still, it is important to understand that even with being the best person that you can be, you will never please everyone.  There will be people who are not accepting to the positive energy that you are giving  — and that’s fine.  The first human that you need to make happy is YOU! Don’t allow anyone else’s bad energy change the person that you are.  Also, realize that not vibing with certain people, does not always mean that they’re bad people.  Sometimes, us humans just don’t clique.

Care enough about yourself to know when not to care.  Don’t relinquish your greatness to the masses, because that’s WHACK!

Be ConfidentImage result for afro painting confidence

Don’t alter your personality, likes, or style, for the sake of fitting in.  THAT IS WHACKITY WHACk, WHACK, WHACK! Yes, you’ll probably be pointed at, stared at, sneered at, people will say things to piss you off — you’ll have to rise above it.  If you are comfortable and not blatantly offending anyone (by offending, I mean: wearing racial or cultural slurs and symbols on your person for the public to see, nudity — or even worse — not bathing! YUK!), then live your life and be great!  I understand, probably more than most (EDITOR NOTE: *slowly raises hand, whispering “me too”*), how irritating those glares and stares can be. I also know that I couldn’t love myself as much as I would need to, if I had allowed myself to succumb to conformity. (If I had, there’d be no Afrologik… And, that would be WHACK!)

– If It Feels Good, DO IT!Image result for afro painting feel good

As long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else — DO YOUR THING! When you do things that make you feel good about yourself, you are vibrating towards happiness.  And, not only will more happiness come your way, but you will distribute good vibes to those who chance upon you. It’s possible that not everyone will understand your lifestyle, but that’s not your problem.  Making it your problem would be WHACK!


Just a few ideas and methods that I have used that could perhaps help anyone else who want’s to snap out of their whackness, and into their dopeness. As stated earlier, I’m only an expert in being me — and it took me a while to become an expert in that field. If you would like to become an expert in the person that you are, you first have to learn, love, and accept yourself, as well as be strong enough to assess and strengthen your weaknesses.  To not do those things, is simply whack…

“Some people are just born wack, you can’t teach certain wackness”

~The Weeknd




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