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Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself!

Changing Your Mind Is Not A Crime!


I’ve got a strong dislike for the word “contradiction“, because it’s very limiting.  It lends to the idea that one must be, tomorrow, who they are today — and thats BS! That kind of thinking (or lack thereof), leaves no room for growth.  And, when used on a person who is not yet sure of their self, it could cause them to become afraid to learn new things and to believe that changing their minds about anything is wrong.

Life Is A Beautiful Contradiction

We all live in an ever changing world, and to survive, or to enjoy life on this beautiful planet, there will be times when it’s necessary to change our minds — contradict ourselves.  A person who has the same mindset about everything, that they had five years ago, has not grown or had new experiences. They haven’t paid much attention to the world around them.  Contrary to what you may think, you are allowed to change with the times and form new beliefs based on what life has and will show you.

“A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

~Muhammad Ali

It’s Okay To Expose Yourself To New Things!

This isn’t to say that you should reinvent yourself every time you are exposed to something new. However, it is to say that as you should, indeed, leave yourself open to new ideas and experiences. Don’t be afraid, or ashamed, to reform your own opinions or mindset — you have the right to do that.  Sometimes, stepping outside of yourself and cheating on your current way of thinking can enrich your life.

Some humans are so afraid of change that they not only stymie their own growth, but also ostracize others who have chosen to evolve.  I feel bad for those people.  Those types will never experience life outside of their own little worlds.  They’ll forever remain imprisoned in the penitentiary of their narrow minds.

Do You Still Believe In Santa?

When we were kids, we believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  We would have argued anyone down, who said that those characters were not real.  Somewhere along the way, we learned that Santa, and the Easter Bunny really are not real.  As adults, we will stand by our disbelief in fictional characters (well, most do.  I still believe that Mork was real.) Did we contradict ourselves? No.  We grew, and with that growth came a change of mindset, belief, and opinion.


Jean-Michel Basquiat

Life will spin us in several directions as we continue on our journey.  Each direction will present opportunities to learn, and that’s a great thing!  Imagine how boring life would be if everyone kept themselves locked in position — afraid to grow, or even worse — believing that they’ve grown as much as they need to, and know everything they need to know.  There are many people who are that way, and they never have anything new to talk about, nor are they interested in learning anything new.  Rarely do they ever have anything positive to say.  They’ve become institutionalized by their own mindsets.

“I’m certain of only one thing — that I am uncertain of all things”

~Dav (Afrologik editor)

Live, Laugh, Learn!


If you want to try something new that goes against what you’ve always thought or believed (and it doesn’t hurt anyone), try it! If you enjoy your new experience, then good for you! If you give a chance to a different experience and you don’t enjoy it, you’ll have, at least, learned something new.  Don’t let one bad experience deter you from expanding on your interests, even if it’s one of those things that you’ve said “I don’t do that,” about.  You don’t have to be bound by the things that you know and/or believe today.  Give yourself the freedom to express yourself, experience and learn new things,  and form new opinions. It’ll keep you young!

If It Ain’t Growin’, It’s Dead

In the process of evolution, you will contradict things that you once strongly believed  — but that’s fine!  It’s indicative of growth.

“May We All Live Long Enough To Contradict Ourselves!”

~Brandi Badd Ass

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