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Being Successful On Your Own Terms

Finding Success On Your Own Terms

Ever notice how the only time that most humans will give kudos to other humans, is when they are successful at doing common things? Think about it, academic accomplishments are awarded with a plethora of accolades, as are: marriages, new babies, career promotions, new businesses (depending on the business); the list can go on and on. And, those events and accomplishments are definitely worthy of the “hurrahs” that they receive, however, no one ever gives props to those who do things that are perhaps, far more daring, such as: being who they truly are, in a world where ideas of success are pretty much uniform.

Those who take blind leaps, not knowing where they will land, yet get up, and try again, even after the masses have labeled them a failure.  Not only are such brave acts not celebrated, they are condemned by a conformist society that is only conformed because they are scared to take a chance on themselves.  In my opinion, those who are themselves, despite what “they” have to say about it, are the most brave people.  Without them, there’d be no change, and we all know that change is growth . And growth is very necessary.

Of course, I would never put academic success down. We live in a world where a college degree is essential to success.  At the same time, that depends on what we each, as individuals, consider success to be.

What Is Success, Really?

Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

And there it is! Success only means that a person has reached or achieved a goal that they have set for themselves.   It is not based on education, a fat bank account, fancy cars, or fine homes.  Success is only based on reaching individual goals.  But, since society has created a subgenre for success, we are lead to believe that in order to be considered outstanding, we have to fit into certain criteria. Not only is that not fair, but, it’s also ridiculous.  What’s more ridiculous is the amount of people who spend the majority of their lives trying to fit into said criteria.

Be Your Own Criteria!

Any person can certainly find happiness in achieving commercial success that affords them a life that is comfortable, make positive changes on our planet, and to perhaps, even delve into abstract ways of life.  I raise my fist in solidarity to those people.  However, they are only publicly celebrated when they are doing things that please the masses.  They are ostracized when they begin to feel too comfortable in their own skin, and start giving the world their true selves (which is exactly why I damn near BEG you all to find your real self and be it! Right now!)

Regardless of what era you were raised in, you were most likely force-fed ideas and pictures of what “making it” looks like.  Be it by media, family, society, school, or the surroundings that you lived in.  There was always something, or someone, telling you what you “need to do” to “make it“. If you were to say to those people that you wanted to join the circus or roam foreign lands, until you became tired of it or, if you were to say that you never wanted to settle down, but instead, travel and live from place to place, discovering the country, they would try to talk you out of it.  And, if they could not talk you into changing your path, they’d try to make you feel bad about allowing your heart and soul to lead.  So, whose happiness are they most invested in?

Don’t Let It Stop You!

I respect the person who takes a chance on doing what makes them happy — living on their own terms — versus, doing what someone else decided they should do. With what I am trying to do, I am that person.  I’m finding that it is much easier to do what I like to do — whether “they” consider it a pass or a fail — and enjoy the experience.  Or, at the very least, learn something new to take on to the next journey.

In the case of me, I didn’t feel that I was capable of reaching higher levels of supposed “success“, via the traditional route, so I decided to do nothing. Do I regret feeling that way and doing nothing about it? Would I choose to do  things differently, based on what I know now? I only regret that I didn’t have the balls to do what I wanted to do, 20 years ago.  But I am still alive, and I still can (and I will *evil grin* LOL!) Based on what I know now, I probably would have lived in every state in the United States by now, even if only for a short time.

Nonconformist DOES NOT Mean Irresponsible

I am NOT (let me repeat, NOT) saying that anyone should run around carelessly and expect for others to bail them out (because, thats just crazy talk.) You certainly have to have a plan, and be accountable for your actions (or lack of planning.) Your personal happiness is your responsibility, and so are your errors.  Still, don’t let the fear of error detract you, because you are going to make errors.


Brandi Badd Ass gives a shout out to the unsung heroes who took a chance on themselves by way of: blind leaps, being wild and carefree, and understood, (as well as tried to teach us all) that every opportunity is a win, if we are brave enough to do and be who we are in our souls. The freedom of those who made a conscious effort to set themselves free is inspiring. (Yo! I was watching and listening!)

We have to stay on the path of the Universe, regardless of what any person, rule, statute, or principality says is right! If the only thing you know is the difference between right and wrong, then you have everything you need to become whatever — or whomever, you want to be! Tap into the Source that drives you.  Follow your cosmic design. Be ever wonderful! As a good friend of mine would say, “I’m rooting for you!

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

~ Herman Melville

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6 thoughts on “Being Successful On Your Own Terms

  1. This post is amazing! I definitely have felt torn between following the traditional route of success and my own personal definition of success. I made a leap into following my intuition and defining how I live my life for myself & it’s so daunting yet liberating. Thanks for the reassurance 💕

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