Protecting Your Energy

Don’t Reciprocate Their Energy. Protect Yours!

I’ve been seeing memes lately that are encouraging people to return the energy that has been given to them. In other words, if someone is being a jerk towards you, you should be a jerk towards them. To all of my readers, I want to make this abundantly clear: THAT IS BULLSHIT!

It’s Easy To Cave

I know that the easiest thing to do in these situations is to mirror the conduct that you’re receiving. No one understands that more than I do. That was a way of life for me for most of my adult life. I’ve said things such as: ” My surroundings decide my attitude”, “I don’t have a ‘good behavior’. I’m as good as I get when you get me“, “Whatever you throw at me, I’m going to throw back“, and my favorite, “You’d better love me, because anything you do to me, I’m going to do to you“. I’ve actually spoken those words. As I’ve evolved, I’ve learned that I was completely wrong — in every way.

When you “return the energy” that you are receiving, you relinquish your self control. By acting against those who offend you, you are giving power to your offender. In no way am I suggesting that anyone should be a doormat; a doormat is a “thing“, you are a human being — NOT a “thing“. You should, without a doubt, stand your ground when it is necessary. However, you should do so while employing tact. Whether your responses are warranted or not, you are responsible for them. Whatever you say or do, will be reciprocated to you by the Universe. Thus, by responding to bad energy with more bad energy you are inviting more of the same to your planet. Why would you do that?

Yeah, Why?

The reason that we allow others to have access to our energy, emotions, feelings — or whatever you choose to call it — is because we are fragile. The average human is protective of their ego. So, it stands to reason that when we are offended, or hit, we become defensive and hit back. Even though it’s natural, it tells a lot about how strong we are as individuals. We’d all like to express a level of bravado that ensures those around us that we will strike back (and sometimes, that’s necessary). But, how strong are we, if we are willing to forfeit our composure over minute issues?

Know The Catalyst

There are people who really enjoy forcing others to act out. Chances are, whatever it is that they have to say, or claim they will do, has no weight. Their primary concern is to disrupt the energy of others, change mindsets, or merely, P.O.P. (piss off people). Playing into their hands is exactly what they want, and expect. Their actions have actively disrupted their karma, and now, they would love to disrupt yours. A negative response makes them happy. But, they have no idea of how to handle a positive response, or better, no response — and THAT’S how you,kick their asses. Actually, there’s no other way to win.

Been There. Done That.

I’ve been through this kind of situation so many times, that I am grateful to be in a place where I am aware that the past does not exist. Were it not for that belief, I’d be full of regret. Although responding to negativity with more negativity gave me a temporary sense of relief, the issue at hand would continue. Walking away is always better than mirroring that actions of others. If walking away isn’t the best alternative, there are always better solutions.

Think Before You Explain

It’s clear that we have a need to explain and defend ourselves for every situation that comes before us. But dig, not every issue deserves an explanation. Who’s accusing you? And, of what? How important is it to you? Will it upset your life? Will people die? Usually, not. Most of the things that we respond to, are non-issues, that only affect our egos. To act out in response, implies that we don’t think very highly of ourselves.

You Know Who You Are

If you are confident in the person that you are, the words and actions of others will never be strong enough to cause you to contradict your spirit. If you are wrong about something, admit that you were wrong, and make amends — ONLY ONCE! When a person responds to your apology, that indicates that they’ve heard you, and there is no need to further explain or apologize. Never allow anyone to hold anything over your head, after you’ve taken every opportunity to take responsibility. That’s all you can do. Walk with your head up, do what’s right, and don’t concern yourself with what others do. You’re only responsible for yourself — not others.

Preserving Your Vibe

Energy is expensive! It takes time, effort, and discipline to get to a place where our vibes are more stable than unstable. This is a class that will take a lifetime to pass, and we will be challenged for the duration of it. The best way to stay ahead of the class, is to give good vibes, and walk away from bad vibes, when you can (which is most of the time). Love yourself and know yourself. Stay strong in principle, and never succumb to the lower energy levels of others. Stay true to yourself, and the Universe will stay true to you.

“I realized that if my thoughts immediately affect my body, I should be careful about what I think. Now if I get angry, I ask myself why I feel that way. If I can find the source of my anger, I can turn that negative energy into something positive.”

~Yoko Ono

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