Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Get Back In The Game

In prior articles, I’ve told you that all you ever have to do, is give your best — always. This is a requirement, and there are no shortcuts. I’ve also asked you to create regimens that lend to the betterment of your life, as wells as increase your mental and spiritual growth.

You’ve done all of things. You’ve accepted that your very best is all that you have to give — and that it’s always good enough. You also understand the importance of creating regimens and routines to enhance your life. You’ve added “I will give only my best” to your list of mantras. You’ve been practicing your routines for two, maybe three months, and you’ve become pumped up with pride. And, you’re seeing good results, so you say: Wow! Brandi Badd Ass was right! As I implement her suggestions, my life is getting better! Perhaps I should share her blog so others will benefit from her profound insight!

** Okay, so, in that last set of statements, it’s possible that I’m patting myself on the back, and giving a plug to Afrologik. I’m not admitting anything; I’m only saying that it’s possible.

Running Out of Fuel

As the next month approaches, you begin to lose momentum, and staying on course become difficult. You start to say things like, “I’m too tired to meditate”, or, “I know that I’m not giving my best today, but I really don’t care”. Before long, you’re completely off course, and you’re making a habit of making excuses for breaking the covenant that you made with yourself and the Universe.

I’m not going to tell you to stop doing all of that, or that it counters your evolution (even though that’s very true), because it’s not realistic — it happens! We become busy, tired, and sometimes, life just effin happens, making it very easy to be thrown off of our square. Hell, it happens to me — often! Quitting is so easy, yet getting started again is extremely hard to do. This is why I write everyday. I know myself well enough to know that it only takes one respite to start a trend.

Listen To Your Conscience

What’s most important is that you realize that you are not being loyal to yourself and the Universe, and get back at it! I told you in a prior blog, that I once stopped meditating for several weeks, and I definitely felt the difference between meditating and not meditating. Even though I felt the negativity of not continuing the practice, I continued to break the covenant. I’m not sure if I felt that not being loyal to my routine, freed-up time for me or if I felt that, since it was a promise that I had made to myself, I could simply choose not to do it anymore. But, it was not only a promise that I made to myself, it was a promise that I made to the Universe.

We humans have a tendency to allow life to interfere, or change our mindsets — as we have a right to do whenever we choose. However, we also have a conscience. When we feel bad about something that we are (or are not) doing, that’s a hint that we should change our behavior. We all know what we need to do; it’s just that sometimes, we simply don’t want to.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

There’s no reason for any of us to agonize over what we have or have not been doing for ourselves. That’s a waste of time. Remember, that we are all beautifully fallible, and now and then, we move in the opposite direction of what we know is cosmically designed for us. Listen to your heart. Let your conscience be your guide (I don’t like cliches, but that one fit). Get back up on that horse and start again, and start over as many times as necessary; just don’t give up on yourself. Your greatness is dependent upon your resilience — your bounce back game. No thing, or no one — which is considered great — got it right the first time. They got tired, lazy, frustrated, and/or bored , the same as everybody else. Sometimes, they may have simply needed a break. We are all capable of those feelings, emotions, and behaviors, so don’t sweat it. If we truly want peace, knowledge, abundance, and to inspire others — we can’t forget how badly we want those things, or that we have to do the work to achieve them. Should we ever quit, quitting, we’d be doing ourselves a great disservice.

“Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up! Everyone makes mistakes, has setbacks, and failures. You don’t come with a book on how to get it right the first time. You will fail sometimes, not because you planned to, but simply because you’re human. Failure is a part of creating a great life.”

~Les Brown

One thought on “Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

  1. Perfect timing as I just finished something at work and I forgot one minor detail. And guess what I’m doing, I’m beating myself up over it! I take pride in my work and it just about devestates me when I mess up! Thanks for the reminder!


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