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Energy, Spirit, & Power: The Core of The Human Being

How To Use Your Power Effectively

Once again, we’ve made it to another weekend. Happy Friday!

As you enjoy your weekend, or, if you’re like me, and you’ll be working through the weekend, keep this in mind: we are all humans, and the core of our being, is energy and spirit. The human body, dies. However, our spirit and energy lives forever.

Not all spirits and energies are good, so it is imperative that we stay in tune with the Universe, as we are all susceptible to absorbing the energy of others. In the same respect, we also give energy and vibrations to everyone within our radius. We are all cosmically connected, so we influence each other. Through our spirits and our energy, we are also influenced by, as well as able to influence, the wind, the water, the Earth, and the sun. Because we are made up of the same elements as the sun, and the Earth’s crust (some say that humans are made of stardust), we are able to communicate with the planets, the stars, the moon, and the Universe, as a whole. We humans are more powerful than we could ever imagine.

What Kind of Influence Are You?

As individuals, we have to decide what type of influence we want to be. What kind of energy do you want to give? We leave remnants of our spirits everywhere we go, what kind of effect do you want yours to have on those who are exposed to it? Since you know that you’ll spend your life walking in and out of spirits and energies that have been left behind by others, how will you repel them if they are bad? Will you lash out and create more negative energy? Will you walk away without incident, or maintain a positive attitude that will perhaps, influence the current situation?

I’m learning to use my power to be a good influence on those who are exposed to me — and this hasn’t been easy. Usually, it’s nothing for me to go from, “Loving You” – Minnie Riperton, to “No Vaseline” – Ice Cube. All it would take was five minutes for me to cross an entire genre. But, by doing that, I was only satisfying my ego — I was not using my power correctly. We watch each other, learn from each other, and vibe off of each other — so we all have to be leaders, just as we are all followers.

I’ve said all of this to ask a favor of you all. If you will, please use this weekend to practice being genuine, look at everyone in the eyes, and feel what they are about (the eyes really are the windows to the soul). Smile, and keep your vibrations high — keep your frequency in check. Be the influence that you’d want to influence you.

Emergency On Planet Earth

Our planet is not in a good place right now. There’s an abundance of bad energy that has stirred up the spirits of the Universe, and we are all affected by this. We have the power to shift the energy and make the Gods happy, but this can only be done by us all working together to alleviate said spirits, by raising the vibrations. Individually, we are all in separate places, but as a spiritual collective, we are also everywhere at the same time. Let’s use our influence to be the light.

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

~Wilma Rudolph

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