The Journey of the Human Mind

Contradictions And Evolution

I was soaking in the tub a few nights ago, with music playing softly in the background, as I always do. I have a special playlist that consist of relaxing music — mostly instrumentals, that I only use for this event. The sole purpose of soaking is to cleanse my aura and allow myself to relax and be at one with the Universe.

I Am Your Mind

On this night, “I Am Your Mind” by Roy Ayers (one of the few songs on that playlist that has words) began to play. I’ve heard that song thousands of times, but obviously, I had never really listened it. As I laid back in the tub with all but my face under water, incense burning, Zen candle lit, I took the time to listen deeply to the lyrics.

After the song ended, I continued to think about the words, even though other songs had started and ended. The lyric that stood out the most for me was:

“I was your mind yesterday; I am your mind today; and I’ll be your mind tomorrow. And as our end draws near, we will become closer. But you and I will never be one, for I will part from you, and you will part from me; you finding another mind, and I, another soul. And we will travel on and on.”

This got me thinking about our thoughts and our words. Thoughts travel through our minds constantly, at lightning pace — sometimes erratically. Some ideas are created in our minds as the result of overthinking. And, there are times when the Universe whispers to us in our thoughts and helps us work out things in our lives. When thoughts are erratic, they can drive us crazy! We jump from thing to thing, subject to subject as if some sadistic spirit has remote control of our brains. At any rate, our minds are always busy.

Contradiction Doesn’t Have To Be A Bad Thing

What we currently think at any given time will not necessarily stay with us, and that’s not a bad thing; may we all live long enough to contradict ourselves. We are ever changing beings, and as we evolve, so will our mindsets, thoughts, and perhaps, belief systems. Experience, as well as lessons learned along the way, whether personally or through others, can reshape us as they enter our orbit. This shouldn’t be resisted; it is conducive to our growth.

As we learn more about ourselves and some of those thoughts begin to manifest, we become excited to share what we know, and who we’ve become — sometimes on a “need to know” basis, and sometimes voluntarily. Eventually, those thoughts and ideas translate to words and begin to travel through space, reaching others and having an effect on them. Words can enlighten, provoke thought, and sometimes, words can completely turn people off. Regardless of the effect that our ideas have on others, they are still absorbed by the people around us, which could aid in their evolution, or their resistance.

Mind Traveling

So, as we transmit information from mind to mind, and soul to soul, we all grow together, as well as apart, because our minds and our souls are designed for expansion — to move forward. Our minds are always vulnerable to what’s going on around us. We think, ponder, and wonder. The byproduct of that energy is creation. We are all creators — transmitters of good and bad energy, and it all starts with parts of us that no one can see or touch — yet many will reach: our minds and our souls.

“The Mind is never satisfied with the objects immediately before it, but it’s always breaking away from the present moment and losing itself in schemes of future felicity… The natural flight of the human mind are not pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope”

~Samuel Johnson

2 thoughts on “The Journey of the Human Mind

  1. Yes, we sometimes have to regain control of those thought processes and redirect them into positive vibes. It’s crazy how sometimes we become the product of the thought processes of those around us..and not always for the better!

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