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Realizing Your Superpowers

Accessing Your Inner Strengths

The Get Down” is my favorite Netflix series. It broke my heart when it came to such an abrupt end after only one season. The show quickly became a favorite for more than the obvious reasons: the plot was set around the beginning stages of Hip Hop (I’m an old school Hip Hop Head), and the series is narrated by by Nas, who happens to be my favorite rapper. The best thing about The Get Down, to me, was something that was never really underlined.

The five main characters was a Hip Hop band who called themselves “The Get Down Brothers“. Each one of them had a superpower, and when of all those powers came together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

“Some things are just too great to fight alone, so that’s when you gotta combine your superpowers into one great one. I’m talking about superheroes with the unity of purpose”

~Ra-Ra, The Get Down Brothers

Several times in the series, the odds were stacked against them, but The Brothers defeated them all as a super team.


When I say that they had superpowers, I don’t mean it in a fictitious sort of way such as “The Justice League” or “The Avengers“, I mean that they each had a skill that they were proficient in, and each of their individual superpowers was conducive to the success of the group.

In the beginning of the series, none of the characters were aware of the powers that they possessed. As time went by and the band formed, they were each able to channel said powers, and make them work–not only for the benefit of the group, but for themselves individually.

Much like Zeke, Shaolin, Boo-Boo, Ra-Ra, and Dizzee (The Get Down Brothers), we all have superpowers of our own; the problem is that most of us never realize them.

Afrologik spends a great deal of its time speaking against life’s “supposed to be’s” and encouraging its readers to dare to rage against the norm, love their oddities, and embrace their true selves. It is usually those “supposed to be’s” that have hindered many people from realizing their superpower. Instead, people tend to put more effort into fitting into society than digging deeply into their selves to find their true talents and true purposes. Society is designed to brainwash us with conformity. However, in the words of the late Bernie Mac, “If you wash the brain too many times, it’ll fade“. As will our superpowers, if we do not access them and use them.

Everyone Has A Superpower

Regardless of how good or bad a person is, everyone is good at something. In some cases, talents are easily identified. Some people are born with amazing singing voices, some have profound athletic abilities, there are some who are able to masterfully play music instruments even though they’ve never taken lessons and are unable to read music. There are also people who are intellectually gifted and are able to quickly catch onto things. And, of course, some people are naturally attractive–which is absolutely a superpower. Oftentimes, those who identify their looks as a superpower are assumed to be shallow, prideful, or conceited, but the truth is that the gift of physical beauty can open many doors, when used correctly. All of these attributes are not only easily identifiable, but they are also very marketable examples of superpowers.

Talents and skills that are not outwardly noticeable are rarely realized. As a result, the conventional life is accepted: school, job, marriage, and kids. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional lifestyle, but what if you found that thing that lives inside of you, that you are amazing at doing, that makes your life more fulfilling and exciting?

Discovering Your Superpower

The Get Down Brothers had to find their superpowers before the band would become successful. Through trial and error, each of them were able to discover their strengths.

Shaolin– Vision, survival, ability to notice talent

Zeke– Use of words, voice of reason

Boo-Boo– The Secret Weapon

Ra-Ra –Ability to organize, manage, and negotiate

Dizzee– Ability to see and articulate the world from an abstract point of view

They didn’t learn to do those things in order to pursue careers in the music industry–those traits were always a part of them. When they found something that they loved, they began to realize their talents and apply them to their passion. This is true for us all. The greatness that lies within us have always been there, but sometimes it takes a while for us to grasp, or for a situation that forces us to use them comes along. Its not always that we need to “discover” our superpowers, sometimes we simply need to “uncover” them.

What Is Unique About You?

There is something about you that stands out, or something that you are great at doing. Maybe it’s one thing or maybe it’s several things. Whether it’s giving advice or baking a cake, if you enjoy it and excel at it, it’s probably a superpower.

That Thing That Everyone Asks of You

If everyone is asking you to perform a certain skill, you must be pretty awesome at it, even if you don’t realize it. Zeke was an amazing writer, but he rarely shared what he wrote. The few who knew of his talent not only asked him write more, but got upset when he wouldn’t. Ultimately, he became a great songwriter. Case in point: it sometimes takes an additional set of eyes and ears to recognize your strengths and talents. If this were not true, there’d be no Afrologik. Pay attention to the things that people call upon you for. They wouldn’t ask if you sucked at it.

Align Yourself With Super Beings

Time spent with anyone who does not bring out the very best in you is time wasted. Super Beings are very adept at bringing out the best in the people around them. In associating with such people, you will undoubtedly learn things about yourself that you’ve never noticed, or perhaps, had forgotten. Revealing the capabilities of others is a common superpower of Super Beings. They are rooting for you and will support you in finding your strong points.

Be Willing To Sacrifice

Even though your superpower may be something that comes to you naturally, you will still have to work hard to keep your skills sharpened. As times change, you’ll likely have to adjust your skill set to remain relevant.

It’s very easy to become overconfident after finding something that you can perform with excellence, and that is a great way to fail! You have to be willing sacrifice, if your goal is eminence. If it’s worth having, it’s worth working for. Be willing to sweat and lose sleep for it.

Remain Humble

Super Beings are always willing to take time out to listen to or help someone who is trying to find their superpower. This is as beneficial to them as it is to their mentee. When their mentee finds their light, they can become an asset to the super team.

It’s inevitable that the day will come for you to return that favor to the universe. Being willing and available for others can only make you more powerful. #payitforward.

Remember that every superhero has a nemesis. Be aware of who your opponents are and protect your power without destroying theirs (if you can). Those who do not have a pure heart, usually destroy themselves.

“Do you want your own kingdom; or do you want to be peasants in someone else’s kingdom?”

~Shaolin Fantastic

The Get Down Brothers had two choices: they could dance to someone else’s music, or they could hone their superpowers and make music for other people to dance to. That’s what it comes down to. Not everyone is meant to make the music, and the dancers are as important as the musicians–both sides are necessary. However, some people with serious skills as musicians have settled on being dancers at the party. They will never know their full potential because they will not, for whatever reason, challenge themselves to go further. Acknowledge your powers and don’t let them run idle. Give greatness and the universe will correspond with greatness.

“When I dare to be powerful– to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I’m afraid”

~Audre Lorde

6 thoughts on “Realizing Your Superpowers

  1. This is a very generous, soulful piece. Only one she truly gives a fcuk about your evolution could write. And it feels as though she (the author) is aware she is a conduit for the info to pass though onto us. Thank U almost Oracle.

    Liked by 1 person

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