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Turning The Holiday Blues Into Holiday Yellows!

Don’t Let The Holidays Get You Down

Yellow is my favorite color because it’s such a happy color. The sun and it’s rays are yellow, and so are sunflowers. Regardless of how bad things become, the sun and or sunflowers make(s) me feel better. In fact, the face almost forms a smile when the word yellow is pronounced; try it. With the exception of yellow tape, yellow is just awesome! When I begin to feel “blue” about things, I think “yellow” instead.

Traditional Holiday Blues

Many people struggle with depression during the holiday season. This is understandable since family and togetherness is heavily promoted during any holiday season, but especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. While most people are making plans to gather family, prepare meals, and making Christmas cards and gift lists; as television is saturated with programs and commercials that display holiday cheer and familial togetherness; and holiday music is playing everywhere, many people are not afforded the feelings of family, love, and joy during this season as they are alone.

This is a hard time of the year for those who may have lost close family members or friends, are in a hospital, or are far away from their loved ones and unable to travel to be with them. This is also a tough time for those who cannot afford, financially, to give as much as they’d like to. And, some people simply have no family and friends and are just alone. Lots of people feel the negative pressure that this season can provide.

Decorations Only Enhance Natural Beauty- Decorations Are Not Independently Beautiful

Beautiful, colorful Christmas lights shine through the nights and have a wonderful effect on many people, but they also cause many people to feel the strain of the season. Those lights are attached to trees, bushes, and structures that have been beautiful all year, sans the profanity of ornamentation. That natural beauty does not intimidate or make anyone feel inadequate. However, somehow colorful artificial lights have more power over the way we feel about ourselves than does the sun.

Don’t Let Media Encourage Your Depression

I’ve noticed that on social media, people are speaking of holiday blues as we near Thanksgiving. It seems that, just as togetherness is promoted during this time of year, so is loneliness and depression. Perhaps it is possible that people who ordinarily would not feel the sting of the holiday season may find themselves in a depressed state, because depression is also an expected emotion during this season. Just as laughter, smiles, and yawns are said to be contagious, maybe depression is also. The good news is that you do not have to choose which end of the holiday spectrum you will occupy. Instead, you can just choose to BE.

Who’s Your Boss?

Personally, I’ve got a problem with allowing a calendar to decide when I should be happy, giving, or helpful towards mankind. I also refuse to allow the calendar decide when I should consume large meals with my loved ones. There are twelve moths in a year, but I should be most concerned about spending time with my family during the last two? In my opinion, that’s asinine! I have to be a slave to the clock for forty hours per week, I will not allow the calendar to control me also, just because it is now November.

No Distractions

Being alone during the holidays has benefits that very few realize. Of course there’s the obvious: saving a few bucks and not gaining those dreaded holiday pounds. There’s one other thing that almost always gets overlooked: NO DISTRACTIONS!

While everyone else is busy obeying calendars and and media expectations, you could take this time to work on yourself, that project that only exists in your mind as of now, that book that you’ve been meaning to read, or even that book that you’ve been wanting to write! This would be a great time to plan for the quickly approaching new year. While many will begin the new year with debt incurred by the holidays, you could plan a vacation with the money that you saved. Spend that time working on your “right now’s”, because by doing that, you ensure that all of your “tomorrow’s” will be fine.

My Holiday Yellow!

I will be spending this season alone–and I am perfectly fine with that. All of my friends and family are hundreds of miles away and my job (the man) prevents me from traveling at this time. Since I show them all love throughout the year, and they show me the same, there’s no urgency to conform to the holidays. I’m looking forward to an eventful 2019, so in my downtime without distractions, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

However you decide to spend the holidays, I wish you all nothing but greatness. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want you all to know that I am grateful for all of you who take the time to read, comment, like, and share Afrologik. You all are my gift– twice a week!


“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”
~Vincent Van Gogh

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